Monday, June 24, 2013

Threads of the Day & Nail of the Day: Julep in Hilary and Dakota

I learned how to delay the time of my posts, which is exciting! I can set them to update when most people are awake instead of the ungodly hour I usually post at. Here is my NOTD from this weekend and my TOTD from this morning.

After removing my sunshine stripes design, I decided to go with something quick and simple since the day was ending. I painted two coats of a rose gold copper Dakota and topped it with a brown and gold glitter Hilary. Hilary has a brown gelly type base mixed in with it, so it tints Dakota to a dark finish which I liked. I sealed it off with a Freedom top coat and it has a wonderful sparkle! I love this combination. I tried a matte coat (not pictured) on my accent nails to see how matte reacts with glitter and I am not a fan of it with this combination. Hilary definitely deserves full gloss to show its depth. Hilary is described as a full coverage glitter, but you would likely need four or more coats without a base to get full coverage to a level I would be satisfied with.

Polish: Hilary and Dakota sealed with Freedom

I fell in love with this dress when I tried it on, and I am so happy that I bought it. It is comfortable to wear and nice enough for me to wear to the office! The skirt is a full knee skimming skirt which has great movement. The dress is a light cotton material, which does mean you need to be a little starch heavy to get out all of the wrinkles in the skirt folds (I wasn't quite able to achieve this). I think I'll dry clean this dress to avoid having to worry about creasing or losing the pleats. In real life, the blue is a deep navy and the green is more on the grass green side than the slightly more pastel it appears in the photos. 
Dress: Banana Republic Factory Outlet - Shoes: Clarks Purity Wedge


  1. That dress is SO cute! I am on a big green + navy kick these days, so it stands to reason that I would love that dress.

    1. I just love it! I'm going to have to work hard to keep myself from wearing it every week!