Friday, June 28, 2013

Threads of the Day: Ikat Blues

I picked up these pants on a recent shopping trip with my mom to the outlets in Gaffney, SC. The two of us together shopping is always dangerous! She convinces me to pick up those pieces I am just unsure about, or would whine about being too expensive. 

These beauties were on the final sale clearance rack at Loft and I wanted to make them work so much. I've really loved the Ikat print movement lately. They are actually full length skinnies, but they looked so much better cuffed into a capri. The shirt was a nice plain white T to replace my old ragged ones I've worn out. Of course it was a v-neck because I rarely buy shirts that aren't unless they have something to break up the neckline since I have my dad's broader shoulders even though it doesn't look like it. 

I wanted to add a pop of color so I added this blue cardigan (go Duke!) and a matching blue watch. The watch we picked up when wasting time at the hospital waiting for my nephew to be born. I took my niece and nephew around on a mad search for a red crayon and found this. We picked up one in neon pink for their mom too.
Cardigan: Gap Outlet - Shirt: Loft Outlet - Pants: Loft Outlet - Flats: Old Navy - Watch: Hospital gift shop

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