Saturday, June 15, 2013

NOTD: Split Personality

Even though I just painted my nails with the holo yesterday, I could not wait to experiment with my new Julep polishes! I couldn't settle on one color so I went with two. I used Gloria and Millie to create a two color design. 

I first painted them with two coats of Gloria since it was the lightest color. If I was painting just Gloria, it would need three coats to create a perfectly opaque base. After it dried a bit I used Scotch tape to seal off a diagonal on the nail and painted a coat of Millie. You want to ensure the base color is dry enough to make sure that you don't pull the base color off with the tape. To ensure the design is smooth, you need to peel off the tape while the top color is still tacky. If you tape is too tacky, try weakening the sticky base by pressing it on your shirt or skin. I wanted to add some extra pizazz because I had a two coat polish a week ago so I used a dotting tool and added some white dots along the divide. I sealed off all of the polish with a coat of Polymer Top Coat. 

Excuse the messy paint job because I've been feeling a bit under the weather and my cuticles need some care! I should have also waited a bit longer before adding the top coat because the white dots streaked a bit. The top coat is great. It made my polish chip free and solid within minutes, which is important to me since I can never sit still and wait for it to fully dry.

Polishes used: Julep in Gloria, Julep in Millie, Rimmel in Nail Tip Whitener, Julep in Polymer Top Coat

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