Friday, June 28, 2013

NOTD: Nail Stamping Fail

I got my Bundle Monster 25pc set and my Konad stamper in around a week ago. I hadn't had time to sit down and try stamping so I figured I would try it today. I had painted my nails in Julep Ginger last night and really liked the metallic sheen to it. I figured a black stamp would look good over it. I chose the feather design off Bundle Monster plate BM-214. The first one came out okay but the others either weren't stamped quickly enough or were off center. It looked okay for a first try but pretty terrible for a final product!

I figured I could try to stamp a swirl design in teal over it and maybe it would look abstract enough to look like I did it on purpose. Once again it was slightly off center so I just added two stamps to each nail to attempt a full nail design.

This didn't quite work either. The black design really bleeds through. I wish I had gone with the teal swirl from the start. I clear coated it to let it get a day of wear, but this shows my beginning attempt at stamping!

Base Color: Julep Ginger - Black Stamp Color: Sally Hansen Black Out - Teal Stamp Color: Mary Kay Tempting Teal


  1. Not bad for a first attempt I say. I haven't tried a stamper yet, but I'm quite certain that it would look worse than this if I did. I do have to say that I didn't think it would lay down the polish that smoothly; I may have to look into getting one of these.

    1. It lays it down smoothly and in a thin coat. The thin nature of it makes you have to work super fast before it dries. I had my niece hovering which drove me crazy trying to work fast, but it was manageable. I think I'm going to try a stamping design again tonight and hope that it turns out better! I'm thinking the bright teal base with deep purple stamp, or maybe the reverse.