Friday, June 21, 2013

Hair Care: Daily Leave-in Spray

After talking to a friend about our hair care routines, I figured I would post today how I care for my hair. I have a Pravana Texture Control in my hair so I have to use only sodium and sulfate free products in my hair. The benefits of a SS-free hair care routine it is helps your hair grow longer and strong, keep your frizz tamed, make your color last longer, and keeps your natural oils from being stripped. That said, I use Pravana Keratin Fusion shampoo and conditioner. This is designed for the texture control I had done. The real magic is in your after shower care.

I make my own leave in spray from several products. You can use one or multiple of these in your routine. I'm not sure if the grand mix makes anything more potent, but I feel better mixing them. I've used them all individually and had great results as well. I'll give you the quick lowdown of each product so you can choose your own mix.

Coconut oil is an easy way to add some extra shine and softness to your hair. This oil is a solid at room temp, but your body heat will liquify a dime sized amount into a quick and easy leave in. It only take a small dab of this to have enough to apply for most people. This helps me get soft hair and also tames my split ends between hair cuts. Having moisturized hair helps fight frizz because your hair isn't tempted to soak up water from the air around you which can use poofy-ness. I put a spoon full of this in my spray and make sure to shake well before each application to mix the oil in. As an added bonus, this makes a great lip moisturizer as well! Some people even use it as a skin moisturizer. This can be purchased in your local grocery store near cooking oils, or in the health food isles. 

This spray has been a go to of mine for years. It provides a great heat protection with a light beach-y scent. The keratin added in the spray also helps keep your hair strong and structured. Your hair is made of keratin and without this vital component, your hair would break and be unable to hold its protein structure. By adding keratin to your hair continually, you ensure that you hair has the necessary protein structure to stay long and healthy without breakage. I buy this at Ulta or the drugstore. 

This spray is a pure keratin leave-in spray. If you don't use heat on your hair, this would be a great sub for the Organix spray. My only complaint is it has a weird smell to me. I use it anyways because the shine and softness it provides is amazing! By mixing it with another product, the scent goes away. This can be found at your local Ulta stores or on Amazon. 

This is a leave-in keratin treatment by Pravana. Once again, I use this because of the texture control I had done on my hair; however, the scent and moisture this product gives is worth giving it a shot even if you have normal hair. It has none of the harsh chemicals most leave-in conditioner treatments have and has a pleasant scent as well. This conditioner separates so you have to shake well before use. Conveniently they color to two liquids so if you see the light blue on top of a dark blue base, shake well until the color is uniform. 

While I don't use this product in my spray, it is a great hair mask I wanted to share. I will use this once or twice a week to give a deep treatment. The macadamia oil is well known to be great to infuse moisture and tame frizz while repairing hair. I'll use a dollop of this on my hair at the start of my shower and let it sit for the remainder and then rinse just before I hop out. This is plenty of time for me since I use a lot of repairing products daily. If you use just this product and no others, I might recommend leaving it on anywhere from 15-30 minutes to get the best effect. 

You've picked your products, now what? 
Like I said earlier, you don't have to mix all of these to get a good effect, test things and see what works for you. I am hard on my hair subjecting it to 400+ degrees daily from my flat iron and blow dryer. People who heat style less might not need such intense mixtures and can get by with one product. I've used these all individually over the years and just couldn't part with them so I settled for a mixture of them all! I use the Organix spray, Pravana leave in, and coconut oil on days I wear my hair down. If I am going to wear it up, I go for a heavier mixture of the Liquid Keratin, a heavy dab of coconut oil, and the Pravana leave-in. Have fun mixing and matching these in varying amounts to find what works best for you! 


  1. Try the Curl Refiner by Redken for smooth curls on humid days (i.e., every day in GA)

  2. I love the Organix shampoo and conditioner. They smell SO good!