Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beauty Review: Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks

These individual packets are perfect for taking on the go or single applications for a casual user. I have three of my favorites to review:

Montagne Jeunesse prides themselves on creating eco-friendly cruelty-free natural beauty products. Their products are individually packaged for a one time use though you can easily get two uses from one package.

I pick up these packs at my local Ulta where they are often on bulk buy sale and I can use a $3.50 off $10 coupon. I have also seen them at Walmart on occasion.

They say: Going out? Feeling down? Wake up your skin and senses with stimulating Tea Tree and cooling crushed Spearmint. They will energize and revive leaving skin clean, bright and fresh.

My take: This mask is super cooling and calming for stressed skin. I use these during exams when I am studying for hours at a time, my stress levels are through the roof, and my skin care regimen has gone to the wayside. The fabric cutouts were a bit big for my features, but I scrunched the mask up a bit and laid my head back to keep it steady. The aromatherapy works wonders and the cooling effect brings a rush of blood to your face the is oddly stress reducing. I am going to keep these on stock for all stressful days. There is no clean-up since the mask is paper based. You just remove and let any excess moisture sink in your skin. 

Buy again? Yes, for stressful times
They say: We’ve harvested ultra-deep cleansing Dead Sea Minerals to penetrate deep into pores drawing out impurities. Our Mud Pac is Nutrient rich with Seaweed & Kelp to help restore skins vitality leaving you cleansed to the core and totally relaxed.

My take: This tightened my pores and eliminated oil leaving my face soft, firm, and shine free. Some mud masks are hard to wash off which was not the case with this one. A little warm water rinsed it off without the need for heavy scrubbing. My skin did not break out and it even seemed to be blemish free for a while after just one use. 

Buy again? Yes, for regular use

They say: Bursting with healthy goodness, our thick crushed Raspberry and Mango smoothie delight will leave you with fresher, cleansed and softer skin. Lavishly apply and treat your skin to a pore cleansing, sensational awakening. 

My take: I got a two-fer out of this package and shared it with my mom. She is in her 50's and has larger pores and an oily T-zone. My pores tend to be smaller, but I have an oil T-zone and some dryness elsewhere. We both felt like our face was tighter and she said her face felt baby smooth when she woke up the next morning. There is a tie in my book between this one and the Mud Pac, but both of these will be in my routine in the future. 

Buy again? Yes, for regular use

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