Sunday, June 30, 2013

NoTD: 4th of July Mani!

I made a valiant attempt at a 4th mani. Unfortunately my time crunch resulted in a lot of smearing. I might take it off and try again later this week.

Polish: Julep fireworks, Avon real red, wet and wild saved by the blue, pure ice silver swipe, heart 2 art little white lie 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

NOTD: Color Club Angel Kiss Holo & Stamping Win!

After my last stamping effort I was determined to get it right! I got my Color Club Angel Kiss Holo in the mail yesterday and I knew it was my next polish. This color is stunning all by itself. It has a beautiful linear holo to it and the colors range from silver to a bright aqua blue. The pictures do not do the holo in this justice, but it is very hard to capture! 

For the stamp I decided to pair it with something in its color range so once again I chose Mary Kay in Tempting Teal. This combo is nice since they share the same tonal range. Tempting Teal is almost completely opaque when stamped with just a few sparse spots. 

I decided to cave and try the Seche Vite top coat everyone raves about. I am sold. It dried almost instantly to a rock hard shiny finish. I was able to use my hands with no nicks and take a shower within 10 minutes of painting my nails with no issues! I did experience a hair of shrinkage at the sides, but it is definitely tolerable when I need to keep moving after a mani. My cuticles are still a bit polishy since I used the shower method to clean up the excess instead of using acetone and my paint brush. 

I am overall very pleased with house this turns out! I need to practice a bit on getting the stamp completely straight and from edge to edge, but this is something I'll wear for at least a few days until my 4th of July mani :) 

Mary Kay in Tempting Teal - Seche Vite quick dry top coat - Color Club in Angel Kiss
The stamping detail in full shade

You can see some of the holo popping through!  The rainbow tones show nicely in the bottle.

Full sun

Friday, June 28, 2013

NOTD: Nail Stamping Fail

I got my Bundle Monster 25pc set and my Konad stamper in around a week ago. I hadn't had time to sit down and try stamping so I figured I would try it today. I had painted my nails in Julep Ginger last night and really liked the metallic sheen to it. I figured a black stamp would look good over it. I chose the feather design off Bundle Monster plate BM-214. The first one came out okay but the others either weren't stamped quickly enough or were off center. It looked okay for a first try but pretty terrible for a final product!

I figured I could try to stamp a swirl design in teal over it and maybe it would look abstract enough to look like I did it on purpose. Once again it was slightly off center so I just added two stamps to each nail to attempt a full nail design.

This didn't quite work either. The black design really bleeds through. I wish I had gone with the teal swirl from the start. I clear coated it to let it get a day of wear, but this shows my beginning attempt at stamping!

Base Color: Julep Ginger - Black Stamp Color: Sally Hansen Black Out - Teal Stamp Color: Mary Kay Tempting Teal

Threads of the Day: Ikat Blues

I picked up these pants on a recent shopping trip with my mom to the outlets in Gaffney, SC. The two of us together shopping is always dangerous! She convinces me to pick up those pieces I am just unsure about, or would whine about being too expensive. 

These beauties were on the final sale clearance rack at Loft and I wanted to make them work so much. I've really loved the Ikat print movement lately. They are actually full length skinnies, but they looked so much better cuffed into a capri. The shirt was a nice plain white T to replace my old ragged ones I've worn out. Of course it was a v-neck because I rarely buy shirts that aren't unless they have something to break up the neckline since I have my dad's broader shoulders even though it doesn't look like it. 

I wanted to add a pop of color so I added this blue cardigan (go Duke!) and a matching blue watch. The watch we picked up when wasting time at the hospital waiting for my nephew to be born. I took my niece and nephew around on a mad search for a red crayon and found this. We picked up one in neon pink for their mom too.
Cardigan: Gap Outlet - Shirt: Loft Outlet - Pants: Loft Outlet - Flats: Old Navy - Watch: Hospital gift shop

Thursday, June 27, 2013

NOTD: Julep Sea Salt Finish Set

I swatched these over the course of three days to test out the colors and some wear. Out of the three, I think Madeline is my least favorite and the other two are tied for different reasons. All three have a nice finish and work great with a base coat. I applied one layer of base and two layers of polish. While these are opaque in one coat, I chose two coats because it added more texture as you can see with Madeline. With Sadie, the glitter detracts from the texture but gives it a nice sparkle on its own. I wore Jill for two days. After day one I saw some tip wear but it was barely noticeable and there were no chips. I sealed the ends with some matte topcoat and it stayed flawlessly until removal. The texture adds a bit of punch to a color that is 100% work appropriate. Which one is your favorite? Overall I am really happy that I picked up the Julep sea salt set. I'm also excited for their new teal shimmer sea salt coming in July!! 

Julep in Madeline
Julep in Sadie
Julep in Jill with a Madeline accent nail

Threads of the Day: Tassel Trends

Today's picture does not do this dress justice I think. It is a black Calvin Klein sheath dress I got at Nordstrom Rack. At each shoulder it had a gold zipper from collar to side seam. The zipper is framed in while fabric and is a nice detail to the dress.

I wanted a necklace to add some character as well so I made this beauty for this dress and another gold toned dress I own. The larger beads are hand painted from Kenya, the other beads and tassels I picked up at On A String Bead Shop on Providence Road in Charlotte.  I made some matching earrings with some spare beads. I originally had larger tassels on the earrings, but they weighed a bit much so I scaled the size down a bit. A recreation will on sale at my jewelry show in Raleigh (read below for more detail on this). Tassels are a big trend right now whether they be metallic or fabric based! 

Dress: Calvin Klein from Nordstrom Rack - Necklace and Earrings: Handmade by me, A. Kisby Designs - Shoes: Naturalizer

Necklace and Earrings: Handmade by me, A. Kisby Designs 

More about the jewelry show: 

I was selected to participate in an artist showcase in Raleigh on July 10th at 8pm. The showcase will have several fantastic artists as shown on the flyer below and is always a crowd pleaser! As part of my participation, I must sell 20 attendance tickets. If you or anyone you may know lives in Raleigh, you should come check it out. There will be live music, a runway show, and cocktails. I also have a deal running for anyone who is unable to come, but would like to support my entry into the show. If you purchase a ticket (this will go to my quota allowing me entry) I will mail you a free gift in the form of jewelry. The design will be a custom piece priced around the ticket price. 

For more information or to purchase tickets/donate to support me, check out my artist page at Please make sure that when you purchase your ticket you choose my name instead of general admission. This ensures the ticket goes towards my quota. 

I hope to see you there!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Threads of the Day: Citron Stripes

I skipped yesterday's Threads of the Day because as my sister described me, I looked like a school teacher older than I am. I had to take my niece and nephews to work (4, 5, and newborn) so I just threw on a maxi skirt, flats, and a T with my hair in a sock bun. Today I'll make up for yesterday's lack of posts with an extra one. 

This outfit is definitely one I like because it is both comfortable and cute. The button detailing on the back of the skirt is an extra little perk :) The sleeves on the shirt do roll down to full length for versatility. I got the Calvin Klein shirt on for over half off! If you like to online shop do check out MyHabit. Amazon runs the website so Amazon giftcards work as well as CitiCard rewards points. They always have amazing sales on Calvin Klein, French Connection, Eva Franco, and other fantastic designers I otherwise couldn't afford. The skirt is from TJ Maxx and the Anne Klein shoes are from a clearance sale at Belks. I do love to shop sales! 
Shirt: Calvin Klein from MyHabit - Skirt: TJ Maxx - Shoes: Anne Klein - Belt: Old Navy - Earrings: Old Navy

Shirt: Calvin Klein from MyHabit - Skirt: TJ Maxx - Shoes: Anne Klein - Belt: Old Navy - Earrings: Old Navy
When looking for a print to wear to work, make sure the print is not too loud, and has a nice soft edge to it. This print has splashes of Citron mixed with black, ecru, and a soft grey to tone it down. From a distance the pattern melds into a soft blend of colors. By pairing it with a neutral skirt and neutral accessories it is work place appropriate. You can change up the bottom, add some funky citron jewelry, or go for some loud shoes to change it up for a night out after work. This shirt is soft enough that you could get away with wearing it under a suit jacket for more relaxed proceedings (I would not recommend this for an interview with most firms though!).

I have two questions for you:

What is your favorite big name item you've picked up for a fraction of the cost? 

How do you take your workday outfits from day to night? 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Threads of the Day & Nail of the Day: Julep in Hilary and Dakota

I learned how to delay the time of my posts, which is exciting! I can set them to update when most people are awake instead of the ungodly hour I usually post at. Here is my NOTD from this weekend and my TOTD from this morning.

After removing my sunshine stripes design, I decided to go with something quick and simple since the day was ending. I painted two coats of a rose gold copper Dakota and topped it with a brown and gold glitter Hilary. Hilary has a brown gelly type base mixed in with it, so it tints Dakota to a dark finish which I liked. I sealed it off with a Freedom top coat and it has a wonderful sparkle! I love this combination. I tried a matte coat (not pictured) on my accent nails to see how matte reacts with glitter and I am not a fan of it with this combination. Hilary definitely deserves full gloss to show its depth. Hilary is described as a full coverage glitter, but you would likely need four or more coats without a base to get full coverage to a level I would be satisfied with.

Polish: Hilary and Dakota sealed with Freedom

I fell in love with this dress when I tried it on, and I am so happy that I bought it. It is comfortable to wear and nice enough for me to wear to the office! The skirt is a full knee skimming skirt which has great movement. The dress is a light cotton material, which does mean you need to be a little starch heavy to get out all of the wrinkles in the skirt folds (I wasn't quite able to achieve this). I think I'll dry clean this dress to avoid having to worry about creasing or losing the pleats. In real life, the blue is a deep navy and the green is more on the grass green side than the slightly more pastel it appears in the photos. 
Dress: Banana Republic Factory Outlet - Shoes: Clarks Purity Wedge

Sunday, June 23, 2013


I just added Pinterest integration on my blog. If you see something you love, share it by hovering over the image and clicking on the Pin It! button :) Thank you all in advance for helping me get the word out about my blog!

Nail of the Day: Sunshine Stripes

I am not a huge fan of this NOTD, but I wanted to post it anyways to show the colors and see what feedback I get. I ended up taking this off after a few hours because it had drying issues and I just wasn't satisfied. I used the Southwest Collection by Julep and added Gayle to it for some contrast. Gayle (the purple) did not translate well over the yellow and took a more brownish tone.  Nina did not pop over the Daisy base coat like I had hoped, it blended in a lot though less than this picture shows. Lena (the teal) showed wonderfully over the yellow base. Maybe if it had been the center stripe, the manicure would have lasted longer as far as me liking it. 

As far as swatching, Daisy is a yellow creme that paints smoothly but would likely need three coats to be completely streak free if you aren't painting over it. 

Nina is close to a one coat-er, maybe two to reach full opacity, but paints like a dream and has a semi-matte finish. It is pretty close to a neon orange. 

I won't comment on Gayle yet since I was disappointed in how it faired over Daisy. I'll swatch this one again later. 

Lena is beautiful! I want to paint this one alone with some stamping over it. It has a creamy easy to paint consistency and also might be a one, maybe two coat-er. 

Polish: Julep in Gayle, Lena, Daisy, and Nina. Stripes were painted with a thin tip paint brush. If anyone has tips to get a finer, more uniform line, please let me know! 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hair Care: Daily Leave-in Spray

After talking to a friend about our hair care routines, I figured I would post today how I care for my hair. I have a Pravana Texture Control in my hair so I have to use only sodium and sulfate free products in my hair. The benefits of a SS-free hair care routine it is helps your hair grow longer and strong, keep your frizz tamed, make your color last longer, and keeps your natural oils from being stripped. That said, I use Pravana Keratin Fusion shampoo and conditioner. This is designed for the texture control I had done. The real magic is in your after shower care.

I make my own leave in spray from several products. You can use one or multiple of these in your routine. I'm not sure if the grand mix makes anything more potent, but I feel better mixing them. I've used them all individually and had great results as well. I'll give you the quick lowdown of each product so you can choose your own mix.

Coconut oil is an easy way to add some extra shine and softness to your hair. This oil is a solid at room temp, but your body heat will liquify a dime sized amount into a quick and easy leave in. It only take a small dab of this to have enough to apply for most people. This helps me get soft hair and also tames my split ends between hair cuts. Having moisturized hair helps fight frizz because your hair isn't tempted to soak up water from the air around you which can use poofy-ness. I put a spoon full of this in my spray and make sure to shake well before each application to mix the oil in. As an added bonus, this makes a great lip moisturizer as well! Some people even use it as a skin moisturizer. This can be purchased in your local grocery store near cooking oils, or in the health food isles. 

This spray has been a go to of mine for years. It provides a great heat protection with a light beach-y scent. The keratin added in the spray also helps keep your hair strong and structured. Your hair is made of keratin and without this vital component, your hair would break and be unable to hold its protein structure. By adding keratin to your hair continually, you ensure that you hair has the necessary protein structure to stay long and healthy without breakage. I buy this at Ulta or the drugstore. 

This spray is a pure keratin leave-in spray. If you don't use heat on your hair, this would be a great sub for the Organix spray. My only complaint is it has a weird smell to me. I use it anyways because the shine and softness it provides is amazing! By mixing it with another product, the scent goes away. This can be found at your local Ulta stores or on Amazon. 

This is a leave-in keratin treatment by Pravana. Once again, I use this because of the texture control I had done on my hair; however, the scent and moisture this product gives is worth giving it a shot even if you have normal hair. It has none of the harsh chemicals most leave-in conditioner treatments have and has a pleasant scent as well. This conditioner separates so you have to shake well before use. Conveniently they color to two liquids so if you see the light blue on top of a dark blue base, shake well until the color is uniform. 

While I don't use this product in my spray, it is a great hair mask I wanted to share. I will use this once or twice a week to give a deep treatment. The macadamia oil is well known to be great to infuse moisture and tame frizz while repairing hair. I'll use a dollop of this on my hair at the start of my shower and let it sit for the remainder and then rinse just before I hop out. This is plenty of time for me since I use a lot of repairing products daily. If you use just this product and no others, I might recommend leaving it on anywhere from 15-30 minutes to get the best effect. 

You've picked your products, now what? 
Like I said earlier, you don't have to mix all of these to get a good effect, test things and see what works for you. I am hard on my hair subjecting it to 400+ degrees daily from my flat iron and blow dryer. People who heat style less might not need such intense mixtures and can get by with one product. I've used these all individually over the years and just couldn't part with them so I settled for a mixture of them all! I use the Organix spray, Pravana leave in, and coconut oil on days I wear my hair down. If I am going to wear it up, I go for a heavier mixture of the Liquid Keratin, a heavy dab of coconut oil, and the Pravana leave-in. Have fun mixing and matching these in varying amounts to find what works best for you! 

Threads of the Day: Thirsty Thursday & Casual Friday

Here is another two-fer for my Threads of the Day

Dress: Unnamed designer I picked up in Nogales, Mexico - Shoes: Naturalizer -
Bracelet: Borrowed from my mom - Earrings: Made by me A. Kisby Designs - Ring: Sam's Club
Shoes: Naturalizer Danya Sandal

I just love the bow detail on this dress!! I unfortunately did not capture the detailing on the back, but it has a little open closure on the top of the shoulders with two cute black and white fabric buttons. 

Cardigan: Banana Republic (always use a 40% coupon or watch for sales/clearance!) -
Tank: Banana Republic - Jeans: Charlotte Russe - Shoes: Sperry Topsider -
Necklace and earrings: Made by me at A. Kisby Designs

If you love accessories as much as I do, consider following my jewelry page at: I also put some inventory up on The bulk of my inventory gets posted to Facebook as I create it. I do custom pieces to match outfits, and also some more intricate fun pieces when I get the chance! If you have an idea, I can try to recreate it for you :) As always, I always appreciate feedback on this blog and my jewelry work.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Threads of the Day x 2 & NOTD: Julep in Etta

I typed a long post for these and when I went to post, it all evaporated into the digital abyss. I will recreate some of it, but the length just won't be the same.

Comfort has been tantamount this week as I get over being sick so here are a few simple outfits of mine.

Dress: Anne Klein - Belt: Nordstrom Rack - Shoes: Clarks Purity Wedge - Earrings: Old Navy
 I picked up this great hounds-tooth shirt dress on sale at Nordstrom Rack for a fraction of the cost. I love this place to get designer clothes on my small budget. The dress came with a skinny black belt, but I swapped it for my thicker belt to give it a better accent. The sleeves are full length, but I rolled them up since I have a preference for sleeves not being on my forearms when I'm using the computer. A relaxed bun and red lipstick finished off the look.

Shirt: Matthews Belk - Pants: Banana Republic Factory Store - Shoes: Clarks Purity Wedge
 As you can guess by my shirt, phone, and watch, I have a think for a good green! I picked up this shirt a few years ago on clearance and it has been a staple since. It has a nice Ikat like patter and some frills to dress it up. The keyhole peep breaks up the frills on top too. These pants I picked up at the BR Factory Store and I love the new fit. I used to swear by the Martin fit, but I love these new Ryan fit which has a lower rise to help with my short torso. I still need to hem them a half inch or so when I decide to break out my sewing machine.

On the same green note, I swatched Julep in Etta earlier this week. It is a nice pale green with plenty of shimmer! It is subtle enough that I would wear it to work on a regular basis. I left this plain because I was hoping my Konad stamper would be here today, but no such luck yet :( I want to add a silver overlay to this! I've also been practicing getting that perfect smooth transition from polish to cuticle. How did I do?

Polish: Julep in Etta - Shown here in full light and the silver end of the spectrum

Polish: Julep in Etta - Shown here in low light. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beauty Review: Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks

These individual packets are perfect for taking on the go or single applications for a casual user. I have three of my favorites to review:

Montagne Jeunesse prides themselves on creating eco-friendly cruelty-free natural beauty products. Their products are individually packaged for a one time use though you can easily get two uses from one package.

I pick up these packs at my local Ulta where they are often on bulk buy sale and I can use a $3.50 off $10 coupon. I have also seen them at Walmart on occasion.

They say: Going out? Feeling down? Wake up your skin and senses with stimulating Tea Tree and cooling crushed Spearmint. They will energize and revive leaving skin clean, bright and fresh.

My take: This mask is super cooling and calming for stressed skin. I use these during exams when I am studying for hours at a time, my stress levels are through the roof, and my skin care regimen has gone to the wayside. The fabric cutouts were a bit big for my features, but I scrunched the mask up a bit and laid my head back to keep it steady. The aromatherapy works wonders and the cooling effect brings a rush of blood to your face the is oddly stress reducing. I am going to keep these on stock for all stressful days. There is no clean-up since the mask is paper based. You just remove and let any excess moisture sink in your skin. 

Buy again? Yes, for stressful times
They say: We’ve harvested ultra-deep cleansing Dead Sea Minerals to penetrate deep into pores drawing out impurities. Our Mud Pac is Nutrient rich with Seaweed & Kelp to help restore skins vitality leaving you cleansed to the core and totally relaxed.

My take: This tightened my pores and eliminated oil leaving my face soft, firm, and shine free. Some mud masks are hard to wash off which was not the case with this one. A little warm water rinsed it off without the need for heavy scrubbing. My skin did not break out and it even seemed to be blemish free for a while after just one use. 

Buy again? Yes, for regular use

They say: Bursting with healthy goodness, our thick crushed Raspberry and Mango smoothie delight will leave you with fresher, cleansed and softer skin. Lavishly apply and treat your skin to a pore cleansing, sensational awakening. 

My take: I got a two-fer out of this package and shared it with my mom. She is in her 50's and has larger pores and an oily T-zone. My pores tend to be smaller, but I have an oil T-zone and some dryness elsewhere. We both felt like our face was tighter and she said her face felt baby smooth when she woke up the next morning. There is a tie in my book between this one and the Mud Pac, but both of these will be in my routine in the future. 

Buy again? Yes, for regular use

Monday, June 17, 2013

SALE ALERT: Julep Warehouse Sale

I have only used Julep polishes for a few days now; however, I am already addicted. As if my urge to snatch up every color I can isn't enough, they are having a flash warehouse sale today!

Check it out at:  Some items are going quick, but if you check at random intervals during the day, they are restocking inventory all day. Let me know if you pick up some goodies!

You don't need to be a Maven to take advantage of these prices.

Tried and True

I wanted to be comfy at work today so I went with a trusted stand-by outfit. My office tends to be on the colder side so I layer up with cardigans even though it is in the high 80's outside today.

I need to come up with some better ways to light my photos. The places I can put the mirror are limited and unfortunately pretty dimly lit. I had to resort to a bathroom selfie for the main photo to show enough detail. My parents have dark carpet and low lighting, which is tough to work with. At times like this, I miss my apartment back in Chapel Hill. For those of you who don't know, I am living with my parents for the summer as I work a Summer Associateship down here.

The belt I am wearing has become a wardrobe staple! It has a hinge closure and is completely adjustable. Each side is a leather strip and they slide over each other in the back for a seamless non-noticeable adjustment. This means one belt can be adjusted to be worn at the waist over a dress or pulled out to be worn at the hips with pants. It lays flat and add an extra touch of detail to any outfit.

Cardigan, shirt, & black slacks: Banana Republic (with 40% off!) - Belt: Nordstrom Rack - Shoes: Clarks Snow Wedges in black - Watch: Fossil

Sunday, June 16, 2013

NOTD Swatch: Julep in Simone

I have a guest set of nails today. My 8 year old niece begged me to paint her nails so this explains the rough hands and lack of cleaning on errant polish :) She loves purple and chose Julep in Simone so I figured it was a great chance to show a quick swatch.

This color is a pastel purple cream that leans more towards pink undertones than blue. It would be great for a summer pool party or paired with a playful summer dress. I'm thinking this would work with a silver glitter over top or some whimsical white designs. The creme paints on like butter and is completely opaque in two coats.

Disclaimer: The bumps shown are not due to the polish at all. They are from rough kid nails and some stubborn chunky glitter polish that would not come off.

Polish: Julep in Simone  -  Top coat: Ulta in X-dry

Saturday, June 15, 2013

NOTD: Split Personality

Even though I just painted my nails with the holo yesterday, I could not wait to experiment with my new Julep polishes! I couldn't settle on one color so I went with two. I used Gloria and Millie to create a two color design. 

I first painted them with two coats of Gloria since it was the lightest color. If I was painting just Gloria, it would need three coats to create a perfectly opaque base. After it dried a bit I used Scotch tape to seal off a diagonal on the nail and painted a coat of Millie. You want to ensure the base color is dry enough to make sure that you don't pull the base color off with the tape. To ensure the design is smooth, you need to peel off the tape while the top color is still tacky. If you tape is too tacky, try weakening the sticky base by pressing it on your shirt or skin. I wanted to add some extra pizazz because I had a two coat polish a week ago so I used a dotting tool and added some white dots along the divide. I sealed off all of the polish with a coat of Polymer Top Coat. 

Excuse the messy paint job because I've been feeling a bit under the weather and my cuticles need some care! I should have also waited a bit longer before adding the top coat because the white dots streaked a bit. The top coat is great. It made my polish chip free and solid within minutes, which is important to me since I can never sit still and wait for it to fully dry.

Polishes used: Julep in Gloria, Julep in Millie, Rimmel in Nail Tip Whitener, Julep in Polymer Top Coat

Julep: Intro Maven Box & Mystery Box

I got my first Julep Maven Box in the mail today! I ordered the Boho Glam intro box and a Laguna Beach mystery box. It was like Christmas Day opening the boxes to unveil the goodies. Check out pictures of my haul below and look for upcoming swatches and designs with these Julep polishes. For more info on becoming a Maven, check out the end of the post.

My Boho Glam intro box came with Apricot Glycolic Hand Scrub, two polishes, an emory board,  and a one-step polish remover wipe.
The featured colors in the Boho Glam box are:

Millie: Vintage indigo crème

Etta: Art deco peridot metallic

I just love the packaging on the Laguna Beach Mystery Box! 

The three featured colors in my Mystery Box are:

Natalie: Chic, retro honeysuckle pink crème

Nikki: Electric highlighter neon yellow crème

Simone: Soft pastel lilac opalescent shimmer
My Mystery Box also came with a Hand and Cuticle Stick and I added a
Freedom Polymer Top Coat to the mix so I could see what the hype is all about! 

Here are all of the fab colors I got today! I am so excited to mix these up for some
great combos and stand alones.
A quick snapshot of my entire haul today

If you haven't heard of Julep, you should definitely check them out. I decided to try some of their polishes after seeing links to Julep everywhere and hearing about how pigmented and long lasting the polishes are. I am so happy that I did. I have some examples to post later tonight of reviews. So far I have tried out Millie, Natalie, Gloria, with stripes of Nikki. Not to mention the amazing Polymer Top Coat, which has defied my usual ability to destroy a paint job within an hour. 

Julep is a beauty subscription service not unlike Birch Box and other competitors. You can choose a "style" and each month you will be shipped at least two full nail polishes and a full sized beauty product that complement your style. You can change your style box for each month and skip any month at no charge. They also toss in freebies like the lip balm, nail file, and polish remover above. A few lucky subscribers also get a super box full of extra polish and/or special gifts (someone one a trip to the Hamptons!). If polish isn't your thing, there is also an American Beauty box that includes just beauty products and no polish. The boxes are affordable at around $19.99/month with the option of discounted add-ons each month. You can get your first month free by using the codes FREEMAVEN or FREEBOX. You can also click on the link below to check out Julep and get a free style consultation and discount code, you will not regret it. 

Check out Julep and consider allowing me to be your reference! 

Friday, June 14, 2013

NOTD swatch: Holo and Shine

I'm stuck in the house today so I decided to try out a new 3D Holo polish I got. I was worried that it would just come across as glitter slapped on the nail. Boy was I wrong. This holo is encased in a jelly teal polish which blends the glitter chunks nicely creating a uniform holographic. It was hard to capture the spectrum of color changes hence a purposefully blurred image to show the greener side. The colors range from an emerald to a deep sapphire.

Polish: L.A. Girl 3D Effects Holographic in Teal Dimension

Polish: L.A. Girl 3D Effects Holographic in Teal Dimension

NOTD Swatch: Army of 1

Earlier this week I painted my nails with a new color I picked up on a recent trip to Ulta. I've been in the search for the perfect olive that is a cross between a pastel and a neutral. While this isn't the exact shade since it has a shimmer to it, I have loved the color. Ulta polishes give great coverage and are long lasting. I love that they are on sale frequently for $4 or less. Using a basecoat and a quick dry top coat helps extend their lives too. The paint job on these nails aren't perfect. I couldn't wait to go to sleep and I have some fabric printing on them, but the light made it barely visible :)

Ulta Nail Lacquer in Army of 1

So the adventure begins!

Hi all :) I have decided to venture into the world of blogging to chronicle two aspects of my life. I'm in transition from being a perpetual student for the last 20+ years of my life into a professional lawyer. This requires me updating my wardrobe to something that is fashionable, yet professional for the office. I haven't been the most fashion forward person in my life, but I have been very pleased with how I have progressed in the last few months with my professional wardrobe. That said, I like to keep some creativity in my day to day looks with fun nails. I have a million different colors I like to go through and I'm working on venturing out with designs as well. Check back here to see the newest clothing choice and the nail design of the week (or sometimes multiple of the week!). Feel free to make suggestions on things I can change, or things that you love! I look forward to sharing my adventures with you! 

Fridays are casual in our office and here is my spin on work appropriate casual Friday attire. 
Polka Dot Chambray Shirt: Gap Outlet - White Capris: American Eagle Outfitters-
Black Patent Flats: Charlotte Russe - Necklace: Originally JC Penny & modified by me